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Audi A1 8X Digital TV Tuner


ID Produktu: 1415

Dostępność:Brak w magazynie

Weight: 1 kg

If you find yourself early for an appointment, the Multi Media Interface (MMI) display can be transformed into a high-quality TV set, receiving available analogue and free to air digital television stations. Terrestrial digital video broadcast technology offers a wide variety of channels with clear, sharp digital picture quality and crystal clear digital sound. The digital TV tuner adds TV reception to in-car infotainment options and is fully compatible with our overhead entertainment systems.

7060 zł
incl. VAT
The ability to achieve high quality TV reception
The system is a plug-and-play solution and enables trouble-free upgrading of existing 3G MMI to TV in-car entertainment systems.
Integration with Multi-function Steering Wheel (where fitted, not all models).
Clear, sharp digital picture quality – Audi 3G TV Tuner delivers improved reception capability and reduced interference – nearly eliminating the ghosting and blurred images that are usually associated with analog systems.
Access to free-to-view terrestrial digital channels – Audi 3G TV Tuner opens up a wide choice of channels, including TV and radio.
Interactive viewing – Audi 3G TV Tuner provides access to an electronic program guide, and where available digital services like teletext and on-screen subtitles.
Multiple screen format options – Digi Tune on-screen menu selection includes 4:3, 16:9 and wide screen viewing formats.
Automatic station tuning – Audi 3G TV Tuner is easy to set up and use with an automatic station tuning function and clear on-screen menu guide.
Safe and simple operation via an Audi MMI control.
Compatible with premium quality in-car entertainment systems – Audi 3G TV Tuner is fully functional with most premium quality in-car systems and is fully compatible with In-car entertainment products
The vehicle requires the Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI) system to function.
Not available for vehicles without 3G (3rd Generation) MMI system.
The USB connection cable is a cost option.

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