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ID Produktu: 1422

Dostępność:Brak w magazynie

Weight: 1 kg

The Audi Music Interface (AMI) for 3rd Generation (3G) systems integrates with the car's speaker system, Driver Information System (where present) and Multi Media Interface (MMI) allowing the driver to control a connected iPod using the vehicle's built-in controls. The interface allows complete control of an iPod, displaying track names, albums, playlists and track duration on the dashboard mounted MMI display.

1779 zł
incl. VAT

Connects to iPods and USB storage devices.
Provides complete control of an attached iPod.
Allows navigation of file structure on a USB storage device.
Integration with Multi-function Steering Wheel (where fitted, not all models).
View track names, track duration, albums, artists and playlists on the MMI display

Connects to all iPods with a dock connector.
Complete integration with the vehicle's MMI controls.
Change tracks with buttons on the multi function steering wheel (where fitted).
Navigate through music on the iPod using tracks, artists, albums or playlist.
Appears as a new source for the vehicles multimedia input.
Uses the vehicle's speakers for music output.
Pauses the iPod or USB stored music when a different audio source is selected.
Music is muted and paused during an incoming telephone call (if Audi 3G MMI Bluetooth™ interface is fitted).
An optional cable is available to connect USB storage devices like pen drives or portable hard disk drives.
On USB storage devices, will play music stored as mp3 or WMA formats.
Navigation of file structure on USB storage devices for folder or track searching.
Installed in the glove box for safety and security of your iPod or USB storage device. Original Audi part.
3 year parts and labour warranty

The vehicle requires the Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI) system to function.
Not available for vehicles without 3G (3rd Generation) MMI system.
The USB connection cable is a cost option.

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