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Genuine Seat OEM Retrofit Kit - Rear Camera (Low) - Seat Ateca KH7

Genuine Seat OEM Retrofit Kit - Rear Camera (Low) - Seat Ateca KH7

On this product we can offer professional installation service with 1 year parts and 2 years installation warranty.

ID Produktu: 138480-2

Dostępność:W magazynie

Estimated Shipping: 1-2 Days

Weight: 0.5 kg

Installation Time: 2 Hours

Item Condition: Nowy

Required Fitting Expertise: Niska

Warranty Period: 12 miesięcy

Complete retrofit kit for adding a rearview camera to Seat Ateca

Wiring harness

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Cena promocyjna: 1041 zł

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Normalna cena: 1251 zł

Cena promocyjna: 1041 zł

A retrofit that they said wasn’t possible. A Genuine Seat Reversing Camera Kit for the Ateca with static Guidelines and also auto-switch on reverse. It’s great for spotting those low level objects, hooking up to a trailer or squeezing into that tight space.

Using all Genuine Seat parts from the wiring looms to the camera, this system will fit in perfectly into your new Ateca and will look and work as if it were fitted from factory.

This is all Genuine Seat equipment idential to the factory one.

Top Features:

  • 130° viewing angle.
  • Displays real live image on the intergraded screen.
  • Automatically switches the radio display to the rear view image as soon as the reverse gear is engaged.
  • Will work in conjunction with the Acoustic and Optical Parking System (if fitted.)
  • Real time image overlaid with coloured graphics to aid positioning.
  • On some models the system will show the path the vehicle will take.
  • Original VW parts


Complete set to retrofit the original Seat rear view camera. Visual representation of the rear of the vehicle.

  • No installation of original control unit or additional screens necessary!
  • Auto switch of the rear view cam by choosing the rear gear

   Ateca >> 2016


 Only compatible with :

  • Navigation-High (PR-Nr. 7UG)
  • Navigation-Standard (Pr-Nr. 7UF)

After installation, you need to code the system.
Please contact your local Retrofit Specialists with diagnostic software ( VCDS or ODIS ) or Purchase Coding Dongle product ID: 133959

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